samedi 30 juillet 2011


We left fragnes yesterday and made our way to Chagny, we will stay until Monday as they apparently have a fantastic Sunday market which we want to go to. The weather has at last stopped raining although it is still cloudy at times, it is still really hot when the sun breaks through!!
 On our travels yesterday, we saw a huge woodyard who appeared to be keeping the tree trunks wet with sprayed water..not sure why?
 Some of the locks were very deep but only half of the big one at the entrance to this canal.
 The bollards float up with you so its not as bad as having to get the rope over the bollard at the top.
 Entrance to the beginning of Chagny, we were pleased to see this having done 11 locks in 3 hours!!! All electric and self operated, it is quite difficult to pull the rope to start them off too.....
 Our moorings at Chagny.
 Patrice is getting used to going out on his harness, at least he's stopped fighting it but doesnt walk very well on it yet, and just falls over on to his side!!
He loved this bench and seat, a ready made climbimg frame for cats!!!!!

jeudi 28 juillet 2011


We left St Jean de Losne on wednesday, and we werent sorry to leave... we really didnt like it much the best thing to come from our visit is Patrice!! The chandleries were not stocked well (couldnt get things we needed) and very very expensive!!!

We left at 10.40 am and after 10 hours of cruising we were unable to find anywhere to moor the boat. We ended up by tieing ourselves to a tree for the night but it was a bit scarey.... We met our first large commercial boats on our trip on the Saone and they made us feel very small indeed!!

The next day we left our shakey moorings and made for the canal de Centre where we encountered our biggest lock yet... I have to say my hands were shaking when I did the ropes the sheer size was so overwhelming!!
 The rather domineering entrance to the Canal de Centre, it felt like we were going to our doom!!!!
 And didn't feel much better inside the lock, it was so very very deep!!!
The sky seemed miles away!!
 Our fist view ever of a baby white heron!! It was so young it didnt fly away when we approached!
 Our moorings in Fragnes, unlimited electricity and water!!! Ive done all the stuff that is energy consuming including all the washing in the washing bin!!!
 Patrice investigating the front garden of the boat, he likes hiding in my bicycle basket!!

We took Patrice for a walk on his harness today but he didnt like it and kept trying to get back onto the boat!! Tomorrow we are going to move off as it is quite expensive to stay here but it has been good to enjoy amenities for once!!

samedi 23 juillet 2011

Puddlestonia announces arrival of 'PATRICE'

At last after looking for as long as we have been in France we now have our kitten, a 3month old tabby called Patrice. We have been looking and asking everyone and today a lady approached us as we left the barge to say that we should go to the vets around the corner... we were on our way to look at some very tiny kittens but we changed course and went to the vet... There we were given Patrice plus food and worming pills and we have had a lovely day playing with him and getting him used to us. We thought long and hard about names but this was by mutual agreement. He's great and we are as pleased as punch.... At least St Jean de Losne got something right for us, we are not terribly enamoured by the town, particularly as we arrived in the middle of the canoeing championships and they closed the river!!!

mardi 19 juillet 2011


Well we are back from our distressing time in the UK. We have also got over having my oldest out here for a week and now we are moving on tomorrow from Dijon.  We spent a nice time doing touristy things but I cant wait to get on with travelling again, we are also in search of winter moorings although we have provisionally booked Auxerre again.
We climbed a mountain last week to visit the 'Notre Dame de l'Etang statue'  and when we finally got to the top it was to see a load of paragliders waiting to take off! We watched a couple go, something I wouldnt like to do I'm sure!!

The statue was a marvel in victorian engineering but is now fenced off as it needs repairs, but can be seen for miles around, France's equivalent of Rio I suppose!!

The swans have grown alot since we first saw them but appear to be as grumpy as their father and fight alot!!
John has just told me that the repairs are not going well, so he is not sure if we will move tomorrow, and whilst I've been on the computer and John was down in the engine room either someone has stolen one bedroom curtain or else the wind has removed it without trace..... (where can I get velvet curtains in France that don't cost the earth? wish Leominster was round the corner.......)